New in: Vitacell Skincare Reviews

So fairly new in is the Vitacell range. I’ve picked up all three items – the Eye Cream, the 24-Hour Cream De Luxe and the Serum Concentrate – which are some of the latest products from Lacura to hit the shelves.

Can we start with packaging? Aside from making the products a bit tricky to photograph (!), the packaging looks good. In fact it looks suspiciously similar to La Prairie’s packaging and their products are about 30x the price! Each pot / bottle comes in a matching box and the pots also have a mini spatula, which I appreciate. I think that’s nice if you don’t like putting your fingers in these kinds of products.

One thing I was not expecting though, is for the serum (£6.99) to have a pipette. From the outer packaging and the lid I was expecting a product in a pump. This serum however is uber-watery and so a pipette is definitely needed! I do have other thin serums like this though so wanted to give it a shot. Unfortunately, for me, this was the one disappointment of the range. I gave it a solid go but just didn’t feel like could feel any difference to my skin when using this. It didn’t feel any softer or smoother and the appearance of my skin was no different. It was just nothing-y.

On the other hand, I really like the eye cream. It’s moisturising but still light and sits well under my concealer. I would say the packaging here is a bit deceiving, however. You do get 15ml of product, which I’d say is average, but the pot makes it look like a lot more. When you open the tub you’ll find there’s a little shelf which raises the base considerably. Having said that, it’s still a really nice eye cream, and at £4.99 you can’t really go wrong.

Equally, I really like the 24 Hour Cream (£6.99). It says you can use it anytime, though I have only used it at night. Personally, I find a lot of creams a bit too rich for me to use in the mornings, but this is lovely in the evening. It leaves my skin soft and smooth and works well with the eye cream.

If you have tried any of these products or have any recommendations I’d love to know!


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