New in: Colour Correctors and Brighteners

I have been waiting for these to hit the shelves. In fact, I’m still waiting to get my hands on one more product from Maybelline but can’t find The Neutralizer anywhere (tips??).

Nonetheless, I’ve stocked up on several of the latest brightener / corrector type products. I’ve got the other of the two Maybelline launches, which is the Anti-Age Eraser (£8.99) in Brightener. It’s a soft pink shade which I’m hoping will brighten me up on early mornings.

I’ve also picked up two of the three colour correctors (£4.19/each) that Collection have just launched. I have the shades Green (for redness) and Lemon (for brightening). They also have a lilac shade for dullness, but personally I don’t tend to have this problem. I do, however, have a little redness around my nose area and am looking forward to trying out both of these shortly. Reviews coming soon!


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